Christmas Mini Light Strings
Replacement Fuses for Indoor Christmas Lights
3A 110-125V 3.5mm x 10mm
In-plug type

10 fuses for $6.99
Free Shipping!

20 fuses for $12.99
Free Shipping!

Mini fuses fit indoor Christmas lights with plugs similar to this:

Note how the panel slides open to reveal the fuses.
(plug not included).

They also fit some other indoor and outdoor lighting plugs and devices.
The model number on the plug may vary, but the ratings must match.
Verify that your plug say 3A (3 Amps) and has 110/115/120/125 followed by a V.
For example: 3A 125V

3A fuses will NOT work on lights that require 5A, 7A, or higher fuses.
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